Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cue the Music!

Still not well but trying to move forward, I went to the Irish Fiddling rehearsal last night, but just for an hour. Tonight, we are playing a local award winning brewery. It is a fun gig, not too busy on a Tuesday night and we will be able to try out a few new songs in front of an audience. But first, I am going to workout in the rehab class, which usually helps my energy level. Before the class, I am going to make some meatballs for dinner so I don't have to do anything but rest before the gig when I get home this afternoon.

After the short rehearsal, I fell into bed at 8PM and slept soundly until 7AM this morning. That was unusually rare for me to sleep so many hours. It felt great. I feel like I am ready for tonight.

So, I made it through yesterday with driving four times over the pass with mom, the rehearsal and filing our taxes. What was most important was that I finally made an appointment on Wednesday to have our financials and house put into a trust and new wills made. We love our tax people and they recommended an attorney here in town.

John's family phoned to announce that he was being released from the hospital and they were able to order the Eclipes Portable Oxygen System that we talked about on Sunday during our visit. I had made a copy of the user manual and, apparently, that really helped expedite the process. It is expected to arrive today. The magic of same day delivery!

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