Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, April 6, 2017


It was a rough day yesterday. I woke up and was exhausted all morning but we had plans. I forced myself to get dressed, we did the Safeway run, Michael put the groceries away before we drove over the pass to Trader Joe's. I struggled to stay awake.

After lunch, I no longer felt the overwhelming exhaustion and stayed awake all day. By the evening, I was ready for bed. Suddenly, four hours later, I was totally awake. After being awake for three hours, I moved to the couch and drifted off for two hours. It is going to be a tough day today.

This was after we kicked up my oxygen level to 2.5 liters thinking that I may need it while struggling with this virus. The next step is to ask Dr. K. to order the overnight test provided by my oxygen company to see if I am going under 92% during REM sleep. Sleep Apnea? Maybe.

Our thoughts today are with our friend in Raleigh, NC who is in the middle of tornado warnings all day. Hang on!

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