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Monday, March 6, 2017

iPhone 6S

What a day! It even included a bit of hail! We drove to the city yesterday for a nice cup of coffee and a late lunch with British Don. He leaves next Sunday to meet his new grandson in Nashville. I bought a little baby bib at the local surf shop to take with him so his daughter will be reminded of her early childhood here in our little town. He was so looking forward to the trip. But, the real reason for our meeting was to pass along my new iPhone 6S. Holy cow. What a difference from my iPhone 4. He searched online for a refurbished one and it is spotless, the battery holds longterm and we got it for a really good price.

After coffee, we went to our favorite French cafe and had a lovely lunch. Michael didn't split his choice again so I ate less than half of mine then he enjoyed the rest for dinner last night. I was too full for dinner. From there, we spent over an hour at the AT&T store transferring all my old phone info into my new phone. Fortunately, I had my computer with me so it went smoothly.

I have a new/old phone! Exciting!

This morning, Mom and I are heading to the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto in search of a dress to wear to the two upcoming weddings this summer. It should be fun. Looking for a cute dress for a good price.

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