Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The Formula 1 season has begun! Australia! We watched the exciting race this morning with Ferrari taking the flag. Baseball season will also begin soon. We have missed them both!

Maybe I haven't beaten this cold after all. I did NOTHING yesterday, except make some Eggs a Different Way for Michael's next few breakfasts. That's it. He even took me out to dinner. I really am struggling with my appetite as it is just not there. Food is not fun when you have to force it down.

Last night, I kept waking up with wheezing and a short, dry, hacking cough. It reminded me of pneumonia. This morning, I had a stuffy nose and still do not feel great. If the coughing gets worse or more consistent, I will have to head to my university hospital's ER for advice. The last time, they could not verify pneumonia as the disease was so prevalent throughout my lungs, hiding the pneumonia.

We will see how I do today.

The bed sheets need washing so I will try to do that today. I also need to deal with some paperwork and make dinner tonight. If I can do all of that, it will have been a successful day!

But for right now, I think I will settle in here on the couch for a morning nap. Good plan!

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