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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fiddling Around

It is going to be a race to beat the rains this morning. The grass needs cutting and I want to do a very quick cleanup of the gardens. It will be a push. By 9AM, I will be out there mowing. (I don't like to go out too early on the weekend as some people like to sleep in!) Hope I can beat the rains.

We had a nice audience at the gig in the organic market last evening. They paired us with a wine tasting that welcomed the customers as they walked through the doors. I was first to arrive and there was a couple of tourists from Russia and one of our few homeless guys sitting at the tables having some dinner. They were chatting, I told them about the music and when it was going to begin and the tourists had a question, "Do you mean that there will be free live music and free wine?" I nodded. "This is an amazing country!" Since they were sitting at small tables behind us, we referred to them as our backstage pass audience.

When the homeless guy left after over an hour of music, he put $5.00 in our tip jar. I looked him in the eyes and asked, "Are you sure?" He smiled at me and said, "Absolutely." We each vowed to give him $5.00 when we bump into him at his spot outside of Safeway with his "tip" jar.

We played well and even tried out several of the new pieces, which went better than expected. All the practice and focus is towards St. Patrick's Day and a big gig at the local English restaurant/pub. We are playing in the local Wine and Cheese store the following day. My fingers are going to sore!

In medical news, I haven't heard from the doctor regarding my liver Fibroscan nor from the nutritionist regarding the question of probiotics. While in his office on Thursday, he mentioned that there might be a conflict between my azathioprine (Imuran) and the specific probiotic. Since he is the only person who really sees me as a whole person and not just a specific organ, I trust him. He was going to do some research and let me know if I should continue with it or not. Will pass it along if I hear anything.

I always assume no news is good news.

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