Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, March 27, 2017

My Zen Place

The sun never came out yesterday but I did spend almost four hours working in the gardens. So much more to do! Weeds everywhere! The flowers in the front were in full bloom in the sunshine when I took these photos Saturday afternoon. They are striking in person and I noticed people on their walks would pause for a few minutes to drink it all in. 

Even the little camellias were so happy and in bloom.

I am still not feeling well. The cough seems better but when I see the local doctor to look at my knee on Wednesday, I will ask her to listen to my lungs. What worries me is that I am not sleeping well, something I remember when I had the serious pneumonia a few years ago. There was so much more coughing then but I am growing concerned.

It is going to be glorious today while we make our way down the Peninsula for mom's eye doctor appointment. We tend to talk non-stop as we will have not seen each other since Friday! So much to share!

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