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Friday, March 17, 2017

Gigging and Jigging

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are wearing the green today! I have a large green t-shirt that I will be wearing that says, "Let the shenanigans begin!" when we play at the British pub this evening and at the wine and cheese store tomorrow night. Busy few days!

Michael was still pretty sick so I had to go alone to the Ambulatory Patient Advisory Board meeting at my university hospital yesterday late afternoon. Traffic was not horrible but magic happened. As I drove up the hill, a disability spot suddenly opened up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR where we were meeting. No long walk. No parking fees. A very rare event!

I was in charge of a project to write a paper with helpful hints about the huge campuses for people who will have their very first clinic appointment. It will be included in the batch of paperwork from the clinic. I wrote it, sent drafts to the subcommittee, re-wrote it and Draft #3 made the finals. With a few suggestions at the meeting added, I am going to send the finished document to the head of the group who will introduce it to the clinics. It was a huge hit and I got very positive comments about its tone. Made me smile!

We then tackled another difficult letter issue and all agreed about its next steps. What made all this marvelous was that during the last meeting, the head of all the clinics was an invited guest. He loved us so much that he asked to be a regular. He was there, nodding his head a lot and really liking our positive tone, even when we disagreed with something.

Mom has an appointment here in town this morning, we'll have a bit of lunch then I hope to get home early as I have to be at the venue for set up at 4:00. It should be fun though Michael won't be able to join us as he still is blowing and coughing. He is looking forward to a nice bowl of soup!

Get out there today and do a jig or two!

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