Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Say AHHHH! I have a dentist appointment for a good cleaning early this morning! I love the feeling of totally clean teeth until the first meal afterward. Michael is going to walk into town while I am in the chair, we will meet there then drive to the nursery to buy the plants, dirt and rocks for the bottom of the pots for the side yard. Fun!

No rain today so the gardens should get a good workout as well. Then, after leftovers for dinner, I have an orchestra rehearsal tonight. A fun, good day ahead.

It felt fantastic to workout in the rehab class yesterday. I phoned Sherman before the class and we were able to chat a bit. He really is never coming back but I still want to stay in touch with him. I deeply miss him in my life.

I felt a little tickle in my throat that is usually a sign of a cold coming on. I also just learned that the husband of one of the Irish Fiddlers is really sick and I had been played with her last Friday. So, before bedtime last night, I took the two over-the-counter drugs that make up my old Aprodine and I feel great this morning. No tickle. No sinus dripping. If I feel anything as the day continues, I will begin a several day treatment of Coldcalm. That should knock it down. Hopefully!

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