Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


It all went downhill yesterday. I wasn't feeling great. I wasn't sleeping great. I was coughing really well! All not good.

Mom's shot in her eye was quick and easy. Afterward, we returned some shoes she bought and found others for her to wear to my niece's wedding. Lunch was from the low calorie menu at Cheesecake Factory where we fell in love with a 3-month old baby. He was adorable, sat in his little seat and was totally engaged with dad, smiled at his mom and never complained. Clearly, they have taken him out a lot!

I had a tiny appetizer of 230 calories and even the server noted that I might need something with it as it was a very small portion. It turned out to be perfect and I was able to eat it all. Mom, on the other hand, ate THREE lettuce wrapped chicken tacos with gusto! It was a joy to watch!

By the time I got home, Michael told me I looked pasty, I was coughing, I was feeling exhausted and just not well. Time to write to Dr. K. who wasn't in but will be working today. I have a feeling she will prescribe drugs but she just might want me to go to their ER. We will see.

The coughing is so much better when I am upright so I slept propped up in the corner of the couch all night. I actually slept pretty well but I already feel I could quickly fall back to sleep this morning.

I cancelled rehab class today and will be canceling the Irish Fiddling rehearsal tonight.

Rest, sleep, try to eat. These are today's goals!

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