Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fought Cold

I really was fighting Michael's cold with Aprodine, Coldcalm and sleep the past few days. It seems to have worked as I have no symptoms this morning, though I will continue the Coldcalm throughout the day. It was a rare night last night as I slept through without waking. I was exhausted.

There were two new people in my rehab class today. One was an older gentleman who was charming and still so very active. He won't be in class for two weeks as he is going on a cruise. The other was a younger man with a child still in high school and one in college. He had a more rare diagnosis and we talked about the differences he has felt after just the first eight weeks of education and exercise before joining our class. He said he needed a nap and a day to recover after each class. That brought back so many memories as I had the same issues when I first began rehab. I shared that with him then told him how I was able to build an active life using daily exercise for over a decade. He got the message.

I think I just made two more friends!

So, I am struggling to recover from all the performance, I am really exhausted and having so much respect for Mick Jagger or any other older performer who has to do it night after night. Then, I got a message from Leslie, the founding fiddler of our group, who was performing at an open mic event at the English Pub. Really? What was funny was that got the message on my phone just as I was getting ready to climb into bed! Ah, to be young!

Today, Mom and I will be at Lowe's looking for a glider for her patio and then a nice lunch somewhere. But, my plans for the weekend? Nothing. Naps. Maybe I will wash and iron the sheets. Maybe Michael will take me to breakfast on Sunday. There are no plans except to try to get caught up on sleep and recharge my batteries!

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