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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pulmonary Rehab

I finally slept last night and feel so much better this morning. We have a big night ahead as my Irish Fiddling group will be playing the brewery just north of us. Another late night for me! Good thing I can sleep in Wednesday morning.

Mom and I did a vitamin run at Costco yesterday then I had my pancakes, or I should say, pancake. My little mom ate two and I could not finish one! They were fantastic but I was kind of sick afterward as my poor body was not used to so many carbs and sugar from the maple syrup!

Rehab class today! I am looking forward to a good workout. When I first began pulmonary rehab, I could only do two activities of daily living in a day. Showering and making dinner. Food shopping and paying bills. As I grew stronger, I was able to add one more activity of daily living to each day. What a difference that made to me at the time. I began to grow less dependent on Michael.

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was taking a shower. It just wore me out so I tried to only shower twice a week. As I kept getting stronger and adding activities, showering was still the most difficult activity until finally I didn't even think about it. Just did it. I no longer was aware how many activities I could do as I did as I wished. It had been that way for years until last year when I really couldn't do what I wanted to do anymore. The disease was progressing. I was having to be mindful of my energy levels. I still could do what I wanted but maybe within two or three days instead of just one day.

At the moment, my energy levels are so much better than anytime last year. I still push myself when I can. If I push myself today, maybe tomorrow will be a bit easier. This mantra has been mine since the first day of pulmonary rehab. I have also found that the more I do, the more I can do.

So, get up and get moving. You will feel so much better.

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