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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lunch and a Phone

The rain beat me yesterday. It began before I was able to work in the yards. Nuts! Last night, the storm was so large was that it woke us both twice! I spent the day first with a morning nap - a surprise to me, too! - then I finished the preparations for our taxes. I organized all the paperwork from this year and began my 2017 files. After about four hours of having to focus on details, I was done! It was fun to turn my attention to making some great fish tacos for dinner.

British Don has been searching for a "refurbished" iPhone 6 for me to replace my iPhone 4. He found a beautiful rose gold one, totally checked it out and it is now ready for us to pick it up. We will be making the exchange today at a late lunch in the city.

The past several weeks after  I kicked up my exercise, I have been sleeping so well. Since I had doctors and mom on Thursday and Friday, I couldn't exercise so I was planning to get a good workout in the garden yesterday. The rain arriving early put the kibosh on that! So, last night, I slept until midnight then I just couldn't sleep. My body wanted to move! Why didn't you exercise? I had worked on paperwork and not on my thighs! Finally, around 2AM, I moved to the living room couch and finally fell asleep. Twice, the rain hitting the windows near my head woke me up but I soon drifted back to sleep. Morning came early when I heard Michael moving around at the back of the house. Time to get up! 6:15AM! Hopefully, getting out into the world will help with sleep tonight!

My little Irish Fiddling group was part of a silent auction for the local grade school last night. We offered music for two hours, ten people bid on us and we were finally sold for $340.00. So great for the school.

I think I may need a little nap again this morning but I am so looking forward to being with British Don and Michael this afternoon. And, I will get my new/refurbished iPhone. What a day!

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