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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pots - Done

What a great day! We were up and out early. I drove into town for my dentist appointment while Michael walked in! He wanted the exercise and it was a beautiful day. We met afterward, went to our very famous local nursery and BOOM. Nothing. No plants. No rocks for the pots. So, we drove to the other nursery and, as I was walking through the plants trying to get ideas, I stumbled across some Bird of Paradise in the small gallon containers. No trimming. No mess. Interesting looking against the fence. Perfect! We then hit the hardware store for small rocks and bought some lunch on the way home.

After the pots were filled and planted, we did the entire yard. Well, not the weeding or small detail stuff but the big work was done! We sat out in back with our ice water and chatted while I would run in and out to check on Michael's breakfast for the next few days - Shrimp Stuffed Eggs. Done. After a bit, I changed clothes once again and went to the orchestra rehearsal.

Mozart. Marriage of Figaro overture. HARD. I was not looking forward to it but magic happened. It was only the second time I had played it and it really began to come together. I think there is hope!

Today, the housekeepers are coming so I must just hang around town until 11:00 when I will pick Jeannie up for rehab class. I feel like I have lost another pound or two. Side note: my dress for the weddings has been shipped and I so hope it fits!

Mom phoned yesterday. She fell at Macy's on Tuesday. The wonderful security guy made her not get up until he checked her out then he escorted her around the store to return one shirt and find something else. He made sure she was okay. She said her bottom took the brunt of the fall. But, she then got into her car and it wouldn't start. Finally, she got it going. When she got home, she found out she lost her keys to the apartment. By the end of the day, the keys were found in the car, she realized that she had her foot on the gas and not the break when trying to start her car and she was not even bruised. Michael and I will be talking with her Friday night to ask that if she ever falls, especially away from home, PLEASE phone Michael ASAP. He is usually just minutes away. She should not have tried to drive as she was still shaken from the fall. She doesn't want to be a burden and really doesn't recognize that she is 88-years old.

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