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Monday, March 20, 2017

Food Lust

I still am not rested. It was a busy, rough day yesterday and I crawled into bed at 7PM thinking I would pass out for the night. But, no! Michael fell asleep in the living room, I woke up around 11PM because his side of the bed was empty, I wondered out to see if he was okay and heard snoring. Tiptoeing back to bed, I guess I made enough noise to rouse him and soon we were together in our bed for the first time in over a week! He soon fell back to sleep. I stared at the ceiling.

Finally, around 1AM, I wondered out to the living room and watched the most horribly boring TV trying to have it lull me to sleep. Nothing. Around 3AM, I fell to sleep for just a couple of hours.

I'm up. I'm having coffee. I have a busy day ahead of me. And, another gig tomorrow night. I must get some sleep tonight. Mom and I will be together then I have to finish grocery shopping on my way home.

Michael is better but is still blowing his nose and just a bit of coughing. His energy is returning but I noticed that he was short of breath when doing some tough tasks. His lungs are still not happy.

Food. With my diet, I never weigh myself. I look how far my watch slides up my arm and feel how my clothing fits. This past week, we were busy. I had rehearsals, two gigs, gardening, rehab class and probably not enough food for all the activity. My skinny jeans, which I wore yesterday, were loose. I think I lost about three pounds. Around noon yesterday was an opportunity to eat something for lunch that was not normally on my diet. Pizza! Donuts! Potato chips! Pancakes sounded so good. Just one. With syrup.

By the time we were back on the coastside from food shopping, it was too late. Lunch was being served. No pancakes for me! We went with food lust in our hearts but ended up not doing much damage. There is a fantastic place in the pro shop of the Ritz, which serves great food for a very reasonable price. Lots of guys in their golf gear wandered about while we watched the 18th golf link with the ocean behind it. Pretty sweet place. I had a simple, seared hot dog on a toasted bun while Michael had a huge Harris Ranch hamburger with everything including an over easy egg on top. He had lost some weight since being sick and felt he could handle it. We both passed on dinner as we were still too full from lunch!

I have a feeling Mom and I will be having pancakes for lunch at the very cool Train Depot Cafe today then, back in the diet saddle again!

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