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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sleep, Eat...

Put a fork in me, I am done! I walked though a fog of exhaustion yesterday, actually went to the rehab class because of Jeannie depending on me and arrived on time to the Irish Fiddling gig at the brewery. It was such a better crowd on a Tuesday night than when we usually play on a Friday night. Not as loud. It was a thoughtful and attentive audience. The sound was pretty good. In fact, this was my favorite venue of the three St. Patrick's Day gigs. We played well and the audience was with us.

I fought to stay focused, got home and promptly passed out. My body is actually screaming at me this morning. Stop! Rest! Sleep! Eat! I am taking the entire day off. The only reason to leave the house is to buy lunch at the organic market, which will make me get dressed. No orchestra rehearsal tonight. I just can't.

Michael is still recovering from his bad cold but his energy has returned. He is still blowing his nose a lot but not coughing anymore. That is a good sign. I think I dodged that bullet.

Sleep, Eat, Pray that I don't get sick from wearing myself out. That is the plan for today!

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