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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lots of Music

It was a long, very useful rehearsal last night and I feel ready for the big, boozy blast featuring my Irish Fiddling group in an English Pub on Friday night. Since we are playing from 5-7, we don't think the crowd will be as drunk as later in the evening. Thank goodness! That is my only worry. I just don't want people throwing things or being totally out of control. The group played the venue last year and said it was very loud and packed but there were lots of families with kids having dinner and fun. Kids? I am beginning to feel a little better about this.

A much more advanced group that is highly respected will be playing after us. One of the members of my group gave me a heads up that this group is going to ask me to join them. I laughed and replied, "Michael would divorce me!" He worries that I am doing too much already with our Irish Fiddling group and the orchestra. It will be nice to be asked Thank you.

Michael is sick. This cold is nasty. He slept in the bed and is going nowhere today. I slept on the couch and didn't move all night. I will have to take the paperwork to the tax people all alone today then I am going to try to beat the rains by cutting the grass. There is a tough orchestra rehearsal tonight so I have a long day ahead of me. I am grateful that I have the energy to pull it all off!

Speaking of energy, I added an additional treadmill to my rehab class yesterday. It was only eight minutes but it was the first time since I tore tendons in my hip that I have worked out a second time on the treadmill. I am not stiff or sore this morning so I am going to begin to add more time.

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