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Friday, March 10, 2017

Shorts Weather

I wore shorts yesterday. Shorts! In March! The weather is to return to normal on Tuesday but that means this weekend will be crazy here on the coastside. My plans are to wash the windows, work in the gardens and send some of my recipes to Valarie and April, two of William's cousins. One has food sensitivity issues and the other has a cystic issue that make losing weight nearly impossible. One asked for recipes on Facebook and the other said, "Me, too!" That should take some time.

Everyone's saturation numbers were off in rehab class yesterday because it was warm in the gym. Usually, it is cold, some people complain but we all can breathe a lot better in the cool environment. Since it was unusually warm outside, the thermostat was not set for the warm weather and the gym was very warm. They even sent Richard home after becoming dehydrated. My numbers were okay but I was dripping after I completed the workout.

We came home to a clean house and tried to keep it spotless in anticipation of mom's visit today. She doesn't come often but she loves to just wander through the house and gardens. We don't have a large house but it feels huge compared to her apartment. After our appointments today, we are going to dinner before driving her home. It will be a fun day together. She and Michael don't have a lot of opportunity to just chat so I try to be quieter to let them enjoy each other.

And is fun news, the dress I bought for the weddings arrived in the mail yesterday. Michael loved it but I thought was a bit tight. I think I am going to see if I can lose a couple of pounds or if I need to see if the seams have enough to let it out just a bit. I am afraid that if I eat at the weddings, I will break the zipper! It was tight mid-back.

Enjoy your Friday. Get out and move and remember to eat well.

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