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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Into the Car

We are playing a game this morning called "Beat the Tourists!" No time to ponder or to be lazy. No. We have to run over the pass to buy groceries for the week and be back before the hoards of tourists make the road impassable. Coffee? Done. Breakfast? Not yet but soon. Dressed? Next on the list.

Yesterday was magical as I got everything done on my list. I washed all the dirty rain spots off all the windows, planted my window boxes in the front, phoned Christien, did my annual hour-long Brain Study test, emailed Lois to keep in touch after her husband's death, ran to Safeway in the morning to avoid the entire coastside and sent about fifty recipes to April and Valarie, two of Michael's nieces. That took a lot of effort and time!

I slept well but am shocked at how late we are now, thanks to daylight savings time! Time to hit the road!

It is going to be glorious here today so I hope to get Michael out for a walk along the coast. That would be wonderful. William is going to phone us around 3PM. We have a lot of catching up to do!

Happy Sunday!

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