Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Antibiotics On Board

Dr. K. replied to my email yesterday morning. She told me to begin the doxycycline that I already had in the house and, if I was not better by Thursday, I was to go to her Emergency Department.

After receiving that message, I promptly fell asleep for two hours! I can't seem to stay awake. There was not a lot of food in the house and I was not hungry so I fear more weight loss. This morning, Michael is going with me to the local doctor to have a look at my knee but I am also interested to being weighed to see the amount of weight I have loss and if I have a fever. My thermometer reads normal but...

After we see the doctor, we are going over the pass to buy some groceries. We need the basics. I will bet that the rest of this sunny and glorious day will find me asleep or very still. I am not feeling better this morning. In fact, I have coughed more this morning than all day yesterday. Not a good sign.

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