Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here is the site with slides of the recent Webinar presented by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. It is filled with interesting information so if you have HP, check it out HERE

The daily exercise continues to bring more energy to my life and I still feel fantastic. In the rehab class yesterday, I nailed the workout and my numbers were higher than usual. Wonderful. The new car pool situation went very smoothly.

At the class, Ron suddenly appeared by my side. We had not seen him in several weeks. He was the man who had lung transplants just over a year ago and had answered so many of my questions. As we are Facebook buddies, I thought he was out in the world having fun but was surprised that he had been really sick. Trying to fight something, he was given antibiotics and it thew off all the other drugs. The rejection drug was one of them and it took time to get it all back into balance again. He is a small man and mentioned that he lost over 10 pounds, not something he can afford. It was so good to see him and look forward to him restarting the class next week.

Today, I am having a Fibroscan of my liver. It is a rather new, simple test using sound waves, that gives a very clear condition of a liver instead of just a bit of it in a biopsy. It takes 10 minutes in the clinic. Painless. Since losing weight and taking Lipitor to combat cholesterol from twelve-years of prednisone, my liver seems to be happy. It had been swollen and sore. Not good!

Michael and I are meeting afterward for some food shopping then I have an orchestra rehearsal tonight.

Everyday I can drive myself, run my life and play music is a gift. As the disease continues forward, I am mindful that all of this could stop soon. I so appreciate every moment.

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