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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Almost Cried

An amazing thing happened last night. I pulled into the disability parking spot at the community center where the orchestra rehearses. It looked into the new skateboard park the city recently completed and, since it was still light with daylight savings time, there were kids in the park on their boards. I sat in the car and watched a few minutes as they defied gravity. There is no way that I could ever do any of their stunts, even as a kid. It was fun to watch.

I got out of the car, pulled the driver's seat all the way forward and flipped the back of the seat fully forward to make room to get my bass out of the car. After strapping on my oxygen backpack, I pulled out the large black music stand then shifted the bass to slowly pull it out of the car onto its little wheel for easy transport. With the bass on my left shoulder and my right hand holding my music stand, I walked to the closest door, which was very close to the skateboarders. LOCKED! Nuts!

So, I began to make the long walk to the front of the community center. That was when I heard a voice say, "May I help you?" I turned around and there was a young skateboarder, with his board in his hands, wet with sweat. I smiled and said, "I have been doing this a long time so I've got it but I really want to thank you. You are amazing. You totally made my day." He then hugged me. Almost made me cry.

What I wish I had said was for him to tell his mom that she was raising a good man. Just when you think the younger generation is into their technologies and their own self interest, I was reminded that the majority of young people are wonderful, caring humans. I had a warm glow all night.

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