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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bowling Injury?!?

My world has become very small! Yesterday, we were so looking forward to our plans of going bowling for the first time in three decades. It was a nasty, rainy day which was perfect for bowling. We arrived as it opened and made the young woman laugh when we asked to be reminded how to score. She said it must have been a long time since our last bowling game since it was now automatic!

It was a very cool bowling alley with views of the ocean across the highway from our favorite restaurant with the crab sandwiches right on the ocean. We were going to head there for lunch until...

We were in the 5th frame and I was going for a spare. I paused. I aimed at the one pin. I let go. I watched and backed away as it went down the alley. Suddenly, my left foot slipped, I tried to stop from falling backward and somehow twisted my left knee. I heard a crack. Not a pop, a crack.

But, I did make the spare!

I was on my back in pain. Michael lifted me up, I tried to put weight on my knee and was shocked at the level of pain. We were a long way from our car and there was no way I could walk to it. What to do? The young woman behind the counter said she could help carry me, she and Michael made a seat with their arms and I was in the car very quickly.

A bowling injury! I have never met another soul who has had a bowling injury. We drove up to my university hospital and was escorted to the urgent care instead of the ER. Perfect. We were well loved and the doctor even removed the fluid on my knee from my Palm Springs fall in January.

X-rays happened. Nothing was broken but they wrote that it was a sprained knee. The doctor told me to elevate and ice it often and try to stay off of it for 2-3 days.

I made it through most of the night. Around midnight, the ace bandages were uncomfortable so I sat up, put my leg up and fell asleep in that position.

The good news this morning is that I can actually stand and put most of my weight on my left leg. When I move it, it hurts but it has vastly improved since last evening. Must be all the ice. Hope it keep improving and I can get my life back.

I have great respect for anyone who has to deal with crutches or a walker. Not a lot of fun.

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