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Sunday, April 9, 2017

When Treatments DON'T

I am working on a blog for next week as it is taking some thinking and help from a friend. It is about what can we do as a patient when not receiving the proper treatment for our lung disease. When I was misdiagnosed by the local primary doctor for months before I took matters into my own hands and got into my university hospital's clinic, I thought I was in good hands. Nope. It wasn't until seven months later when Dr. K. walked into my appointment and took control of my case that I finally got the proper care.

What happens if no Dr. K. appears? What processes are in place to stall proper treatment? What can you do as a patient to push for the proper care?

It was so difficult when I knew I was not getting what I needed - results of my lung biopsy were not reported to me until two weeks later after many phone requests - but we are not medically trained. We are new to the whole medical world and have not learned the ins and outs of it yet. We are scared of the new diagnosis and in shock. When the shock wears off, we realize that something is not right.

That is what I am working on, thinking about and will pass along soon.

In the meantime, I was with my two favorite children yesterday as I drove Winnie to her Junior Olympics class over the pass after a nice brunch. Both kids have grown a foot since I had seen them last. It is always a joy to spend time with them.

Today, we are going to run over the pass this morning, after watching the F1 race from China, then I am home for the day.

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