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Sunday, April 23, 2017

One Amazing Young Woman

The blog I have been promising is going to be posted in two parts beginning tomorrow. I really want to thank my friend for her wisdom in parsing it out with me. She made me delve further to realize some hard truths. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we went to the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at my university hospital yesterday. A young woman sat at our table as her friend was seated at the special main table because she was being awarded youth volunteer of the year. We chatted and I was so impressed. This woman was in her second year of nursing school, fighting a very serious autoimmune disease, appreciated the love and support of her parents, was one smart cookie AND beautiful! She was inspirational.

Another older woman joined us and I watched as this young woman helped her at the buffet table, carried her plate back to the table, went back to get her some water and asked her if there was anything else she could do. Wow. Did I mention that she also was on a Patient Advisory Board and volunteered at the hospital? Friday night, they had participated in the prom for the teenagers who were in the hospital and couldn't attend their proms. All the girls had their hair and makeup done and a variety of prom dresses were offered. Everyone looked great! I saw the photos! Many of the SF 49ers arrived to talk, have photos taken and even danced. What a lovely event! What a lovely young woman!

I am still recovering from the wild week but am feeling better. Not so exhausted. After we got home, I organized paperwork, wrote some checks, made dinner but really, just took it easy. Today? I am hitting it hard! The special blog for tomorrow needs to be polished then the gardens are calling to me. Michael cut the grass but the weeds need to be pulled and the edges need to be defined. It is cooler today, perfect for gardening.

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