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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kathy's Funeral Today

On the way home from the ER on Thursday, my cell phone announced that Sara, the RN from my rehab class, was on the line. I was so touched that she was calling me personally to make sure I had heard about Sherman's dying on Wednesday night. When she called me earlier in the week to tell me about Kathy dying, she said me she had some bad news and I immediately asked if it was Sherman. Just a couple of days later, it WAS Sherman.

I think she also just wanted to talk. This was her first death from the rehab class of someone she adored and had gotten to know more than the other patients. She told me that after she spoke with his daughter, it took about five minutes for it all to sink in then she burst out into tears. Her co-workers asked if she needed some time and she said yes. It took a bit to gather herself. I had the same exact reaction. We were able to talk about it and she will be at the graveside services.

The funeral for Kathy is this afternoon at a church overlooking the ocean in a town about 20-minutes north of us. The weather is magnificent. Sunny and warm. It is going to be a very emotional day.

I am feeling better and even made fantastic vegetables bites; caramelized red onion, arugula and goat cheese pizza on a low carb La Tortilla tortilla for my lunch; and a dinner of Whopper in a Bowl yesterday. Michael is going to BBQ this afternoon. We bought a gorgeous steak, will sautéed some mushrooms and have some tiny green beans to round out a great dinner. I am trying to eat more as my appetite is coming back.

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