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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Too Busy!

6:15PM. Warm couch. Full belly. Drifted off. Twenty-five minutes later, I woke up with a start, brushed my teeth, threw in my contact lenses, grabbed my bass and flew out the door. Orchestra rehearsal was happening for me for the first time in four weeks. I didn't want to be late!

It is a rather tough concert lineup. The hardest of the Mozart-only concert was the overture to the "Marriage of Figaro" but the good news was it had been pulled from the concert. Thank you! The other pieces are challenging but really doable. And we did! Gerry and I nailed it last night and I am feeling more confident about the upcoming concert.

The entire day was very satisfying. Michael had a good dentist appointment with no problems, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch together at a little place right on Main Street. They make the best Shawarmas. Afterward, we met with the attorney to begin the process of putting our house and finances into a trust, producing a medical power of attorney and wills. I also asked him to include an "appointment" statement in my will regarding my family's trust that will be totally funded in 25 years. I have to have in writing who I want my share to go to. William, of course.

We have been talking about getting all this done for years and it feels like we took a big giant step forward.

The only thing that seems lacking is sleep. I am tired and a bit worried about getting the full blown virus back again. Today is rather quiet, just rehab class. The housekeepers are due so I have to hang around town before picking up my car pool buddy for class. My plan is to take a nap this afternoon and to certainly head to bed early tonight. Friday is going to be extra busy. And Saturday! Oh my!

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