Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Taking Leave

I made it! It was a long day, it flew by but I survived! The rehab class was rather emotional. After speaking with a couple people who have not been there in a while due to illnesses, I got some very sad news. The woman who built the rehab program from the ground up has been fighting liver and lung cancer for about two years. She told me yesterday that there was another new tumor in her lung and she has already begun the very heavy duty chemo via a new port. She will be taking a leave from work from May 1 - Sept 1.

We talked about it and I mentioned that even just taking antibiotics requires a slow down to insure the drug to work its full potential. Imagine chemo! It will give her a good shot at fighting the cancer. I mentioned that it would be marvelous to awaken and decide what to do that day. A lovely walk? Lunch out? Read a book on the patio? These things just do not happen in her life right now as she is working too many hours.

And, the bonus was that the doctor said she wouldn't lose her hair. I said, "Hey, still have your hair? You can handle anything else. Piece of cake." We both laughed. We hugged. It was hard. I so hope she returns in September with the news that the tumors have vanished.

I made it to the Irish Fiddling gig at the brewery on time, it was a really good performance and a nice evening. I even played longer than expected.

Michael and I are together all day as he has a dentist appointment then we have an appointment with an attorney after lunch. Time for a trust. Time for formal wills. Just time to get it done. Maybe I can fit a nap into the afternoon so I will be fresh for the orchestra rehearsal tonight.

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