Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Feeling Better

I actually felt a little better yesterday but still passed out on the couch early in the evening. Today, I am staying in all day, making a grocery shopping list for tomorrow and cleaning the windows of our 1997 Mercury Tracer. Leslie, of the Irish Fiddling group, is having a windshield replace in her car this afternoon and, if it is not completed by the time she needs to pick up her daughter then bring her to a dentist appointment, she asked to use our car. I just want to take the garden blower to clean the interior then a quick washing of the front windows. Not telling Michael. He wants me to do nothing.

Mom found a beautiful statement necklace for my niece's wedding in May. She loves a small company in the mall and they greeted her like an old friends. We explained to the woman what we were looking for and BOOM, she produced it. Large but not so large that it overwhelmed my tiny mom, it was made of pearls set in gold and sparkles. She fell in love. We held our breath waiting for the price. I was thinking $80ish. Mom was thinking $60ish. Mom hugged her after she said, "$28.00." Wow.

We had lunch at Nordstrom to celebrate her good luck then I headed home. It was enough. I was done.

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