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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Goodbye to Sherman

The services were in the chapel at the cemetery and we placed our flowers by Sherman's ashes. For a 92-years old man, it was surprising to see about 40 people at the service. His buddies from the union, family and a few of us from the rehab class all gathered to say goodbye and listen to words from a sweet priest. His daughters asked just before the services if I would say a few words. While the priest was speaking, I quickly prepared in my mind what I wanted to share.

I always told Sherman that I could do a 20-minute stand up routine on him. It was probably closer to five minutes long but it was marvelous to have the gathered group laugh at some of my stories and Michael told me afterward that it was really well done. I didn't tear up until the end.

We were invited to lunch and enjoyed talking with everyone. One of his union buddy's wife told me she wanted me to speak at her funeral! Every one came to our table to offer kind words and we continued to share stories about our friend.

It was a very emotional day and we were spent by the time we got home.

Life returns this morning. The list is long: shopping at Safeway, my hair appointment, an appointment with a tailor for a fitting of my new dress for the weddings, Trader Joe's for groceries. If not enough to do, there is also a long orchestra rehearsal tonight. One heck of a day ahead!

I will also be returning to the rehab class tomorrow. Many people are going to ask about Sherman's funeral and we will all be able to share our memories. It will be another emotional day but a good one.

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