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Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Strange Diagnosis

You will not believe what happened yesterday. The PA at my new primary doctor's office phoned to share the results of the X-ray of my hand. Was there a rose thorn present? Was it a ganglia? Was it nothing?

It was gout. Yes, gout on my finger. Thankfully, it is not in the joint but on the surface. It also explains the painful bunion I have been dealing with for a while. It is not a bunion, it is gout in my toe joint!

I have gout! I eat the most specific diet to keep the 100+ weight lose at bay of 3-4 ounces of protein and non-starchy veggies. That is all I can eat. No fruit. No starchy veggies. No pastas or grains. No alcohol. And now I have to adjust my very limited choices of food to adjust for gout.

No meat including bacon, beef, pork and lamb. No sardines or scallops. But, I can have some fish and seafood occasionally. The above is pretty much what I eat. How much chicken can I stand before being sick of it?

Next Tuesday before the rehab class, I am going to the lab at the hospital for a blood test of my uric acid level. If it is high, my new primary doctors will refer me to a rheumatologist at my university hospital. I hope this is not a sign of an even larger problem or disease.

This diagnosis totally surprised me and I was in shock all day. Gout?!? I eat so well! I don't overeat! I follow a strict diet! My next appointment with the nutritionist is going to be interesting!

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