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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two Doctors in One Day

Last night, it felt rather odd to be without company. Christien got to her friend's house right on time and Michael and I went to the 90th Anniversary party of the restaurant right on the ocean though we didn't stay more than an hour. It was packed. Around 400 people were expected and Michael does not do well in the middle of all those people plus music plus the din of talking.

But, I liked to look at the fashions. It was...amazing. I saw things I hadn't seen in decades. Hair styles from the 80s on a group of 60-year old women, as an example. The winner was a woman who was into tanning with pink strips in her bleached hair and tight jeans from the 70s with a cute pink mini-dress. She appeared to be in her late 60s/early 70s. And, there was lots of polyester. I was having fun watching it all. There were many lovely people there but I do have to say that it was fun to see the fashion DON'Ts.

The heat wave continues everywhere but here on the coast. It is so beautiful, foggy in the mornings and nice breezes in the afternoon. It is going to be one heck of a day. I meet with my new primary doctor at 9AM. Can you image how I am going to explain my medical history? It is going to take a lot of time! I am bringing the latest test results: the CT Scan report, blood tests, liver Fibroscan report, thyroid test, fractured knee report, PFT report. Hopefully, I will have time for a quick lunch before driving into the city for a 2:00 appointment with a surgeon.

Surgeon. Not a word that makes me happy and rather scares me. I really don't want any surgery but this recent bout of acid reflux needs to be brought under control. My lungs are not happy. The surgeon will order tests to check the surgery site of my Nissen Fundoplication to see if it is too loose. The problem is that the fatality rate to fix it is higher than I would wish. I wonder if the acid reflux is possibility being caused by a hernia I got during that first surgery. They warned me that the appointment may take up to two-hours. The surgeon who performed the Nissan took a position running a program in Chicago but when I had problems with it being too tight, I saw Dr. R. Apparently, I am seeing Dr. R. again today, though I really doubt that he will remember me. Last time we met in 2008, he told me it would be good to lose weight. I will remind him of that conversation and that I am 110 pounds lighter when last we met.

My fractured knee is hurting. Maybe it is because I have been on my feet a lot while Christien was here. Maybe I was walking more than usual. Today, I am going to try to limit my walking with valet parking at the university hospital and a close parking place here in town this morning.

As I made the bed this morning, I thought of all the things that will happen today before I climb back into it tonight. It should be interesting.

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