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Saturday, November 21, 2015

End of Project #2

Project #2 is coming to fruition and really an end to my participation. The work is done. My university hospital's hired advertising company has taken lots and lots of photos and I just edited my written story to be published along with twenty other patient's stories. It will be used in advertisements and for fundraising.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to begin to re-pay them for saving my life.

Having Michael home has done so much good for my garden! All the things that I have been wanting to have removed are being dug out one by one. A large agapanthus was hacked into pieces and removed yesterday. It was man against bush. He won but it was a battle. I am going to clean the last of it up this morning while doing the rest of the yard work. It is also lovely to go into the weekend with all the laundry and ironing done. He is getting good at sorting the clothes into different piles! Next up? I think he may be ready for Loading the Dishwasher 101.

He is also cooking dinner tonight: Skirt Steak with homemade Chimichurri Sauce with a side of cole slaw. I will leave the area as to not micro-manage him through the process. Such a treat.

I never have mentioned this before but I try to make a special lunch on gardening day. Something quick but a treat for all my hard work. Today, I am using a La Tortilla low carb wrap to be filled with smoked salmon, cucumbers, cream cheese, capers and a bit of lettuce. It is something to look forward during my lunch break between the front and back yards.

One project done. One to go. My mind is wandering to all that needs to be prepared for Thanksgiving next week. I am baking two desserts for twelve people but they need to travel to my niece's home about two hours away so I have to be creative. Something to think about while I'm in the gardens today.

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