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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day. A day to honor our fathers. I especially want to wish a good Father's Day to those whose father's have passed away. Hold those memories close to your heart and make sure your children hear stories about them today.

In our life right now, one father is facing brain surgery in nine days and another dear father just died. This will be a raw, probably difficult holiday for both families. Bittersweet. Next year, it will be a bit easier to be grateful. Our hope is for Doug's full recovery from surgery and peace for the children and wife of Jay.

William is in Europe but will phone his dad today. They have such a close relationship that it makes me smile. After doing a quick mow and blow of the yard after watching the Formula 1 race this morning, we are going out to lunch. Dinner will be in the garden.

It will be a day that we will talk about my amazing dad, talk about being a dad and being very grateful for all the fathers in our lives.

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