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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tumor Begone!

We spoke with Doug last night. The surgery to remove his brain tumor is scheduled today at noon in LA. He has been on a large dose of a super steroid, which also has totally cured his psoriasis, and his first question to me was, "How have you lived on this stuff for ten years?"

All his pains are gone. He has boundless energy. He feels like "king of the world." I warned him not to start ironing their sheets as it feels so good that after he is off the drug, he will still want his sheets ironed.

He was talking very fast.

I learned that the tumor has been in his brain a long time and is just now causing vertigo. It is behind the left ear in the brain. Oddly enough, the vertigo goes away when he is in the pool and when he drinks beer. Hopefully, it will be gone for good after the surgery.

We both commiserated about being in ICU. He had been there for 24-hours during the diagnosis process and we joked about having to get out of there in order to get some rest. He will again be spending some time in there today and tomorrow.

So, the whole family is on hold today and all of our attention is on a tiny little tumor. May it come out with no damage to the surrounding area.

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